Why virtual reality could be a self help game changer?

The obsession humans have had with technology goes back centuries. As it progresses, new doors are opened and the possibilities grow. That is what is happening with virtual reality today. Many speculate that virtual reality will change several industries. More importantly, that the world itself might change because of it. Or at least how we look and interact with it. Presently, several industries are already enjoying those benefits. Others are beginning to touch on the potential it can have.

The mental health sector for example, is one that is set to benefit extensively from VR. Additionally, self-help or self-improvement areas are said to be impacted greatly. Although some of the ways VR can be used in those sectors is still long away, the advantages are already being touted. It’s important to note that virtual reality is not new technology. In fact, it has been around for decades. However, it wasn’t until recently that the use of VR exploded. Much of that has to do with the rise in smartphones and mobile device usage. A few of the most popular VR headsets, use smartphones to open the perspective.

In addition to this, there is also the high number of computers and internet use. People are using both more than ever before. As a result, dozens of industries have experienced huge growths in their number of visitors, interactions and sales. Case in point has been the adult film industry and pornography itself. Both have been investing in virtual reality technology for a few years. Recently, it appears to be paying off as the virtual reality porn genre has risen by more than 185% this year alone.

Mental health problems and other self-help issues are a bit more complicated than adult content. Some of it has to do with how society views both. Many people are hesitant to talk about their psychological problems for instance. Yet through virtual reality, individuals are capable of connecting to professionals remotely. Virtual reality can be utilized to treat certain patients. Those with addictions or other illnesses can also benefit.

The biggest impact that virtual reality can have comes in other forms though. For instance, whenever a person has issues which cause problems or distress for them, they can be examined and presented. Using VR technology allows that to be done easier and in better ways than ever. Keep in mind that one of the best things about VR, is the ability it has to create or simulate scenarios. In the world of psychology, this is something which occurs often. Instead of a therapist having to actually go with a patient to simulate a situation, they can do so using virtual reality worlds.

Military branch soldiers often have to deal with the trauma of PSTD. As a result, some of them are unable to do things such as flying or being in crowded places. Using virtual reality, the doctors can simulate these scenarios to almost life-like appearances. But perhaps the best part about these methods is the ability for therapists to control the situation in VR worlds. They can insert certain hypotheses according to a particular patient’s progress. As he or she advances, so could stages of the program they are in.

Another advantage that VR has over the real world is the reality aspect. Some patients tend to be afraid of putting themselves in real life therapy situations. However, since VR is simulated and they know it’s not real, they aren’t as hesitant to do it. Clearly VR is set to change many areas and industries in the coming years. It’s a wonderful time to be part of technological advances.