How to Be a Better Brother

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.” – Marc Brown

Being a brother is a big responsibility, but also a gift. As common as sibling rivalry may be, a brother can be your source of support, your solace, even your best friend. You can be a better brother if you want to become closer to your siblings or to get along better with them. The process is not without effort, but the reward of having a healthy relationship is most definitely worth it.

Be Who You Are

Your siblings will respect you for being yourself and follow in your footsteps. Don’t succumb to the pressures of popular opinion. Instead, do what you like. Be who you are as a person and forget tendencies and trends. Doing this will help your siblings become more self-confident.

Use Proper Language

Using proper language means not only avoiding swear words, but also being able to express oneself well. Speak correctly and with the best vocabulary and grammar possible. Your siblings will pick your speech patterns up and improve their own language. Good speech is a sign of high-quality education and essential to one’s success in the labor market, so you’ll be helping your siblings build a better future for themselves.

Show Respect

It’s crucial to set an example by always showing respect. Be respectful to your siblings, parents, friends, teachers…in fact, to absolutely everyone you encounter. Showing respect will help your siblings a lot in life. If they learn this behavior form, it will become a habit.

Being respectful includes not talking back to adults if you’re in your childhood or teens. If you are an adult, it means arguing politely, making efforts to look at conflict situations objectively, and trying to compromise.

Be There for Your Siblings

Be present and speak with your siblings about things that are important to them. Spending their birthdays with them is just the beginning. They may need you to be present at an event they’re hosting, for example, as a show of support. Ask them if they want you to be there – this will show you care about what they’re doing.

Provide Support

There are many ways to do this – emotional and material support are just two examples. Offering support can help change your brother or sister’s life. Letting a younger sibling (especially a female one) know you are there for them is crucial to maintaining a healthy family relationship.

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