Why You Should Wake Up at 5 a.m. Every Day

We’ve heard of great visionaries like Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Barack Obama, who always get up at 5 a.m. They’re far from the only successful people that do this. You should do it too. Why? Read on to find out.

The World is Still Asleep

The hectic, stressful workday has yet to start. You can get a lot of work done from the day or days before and be better-prepared for new and unexpected challenges. We know there’s no shortage of those in our day and age. You can take advantage of the most useful hours of the day – between 5 and 8 a.m.

Build Discipline

It can be hard to even imagine getting up at 5, not to mention every day. Every time you force yourself out of bed, you build discipline, which is a crucial factor of success. It will become easier with time. You will become better able to concentrate on your tasks and tackle challenges.

Set Your Own Priorities

You don’t have to catch up on work at 5 – you can choose to do exercise, read, meditate, or go jogging instead. You can do whatever you want for a few hours, up until your phone starts ringing and your inbox overflowing. If there was ever a definition of freedom, this is it: you can do what’s important to you with a three-hour head start on the rest of the country instead of driving straight into a hailstorm of tasks. You can devote your mornings to all those quiet activities you enjoy. When you get to work, you’ll feel happier and calmer.

Organize Family Matters

Starting your day in a rush to get yourself and your young children ready, speeding to drop them off at school on time, and being late for work…sound familiar? Once at work, you start falling behind on tasks, with your mood dropping as rapidly as your output. Isn’t it excruciating?

Finish Work Early

If you get up at 5 a.m., you might be able to finish and get off work early and avoid the panic as 5 p.m. approaches and everyone is hustling to get stuff done by the end of the business day. What a relief! Again, you have the freedom to do absolutely anything you choose – read, write, exercise, meditate, or simply spend time with friends or family.

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